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Report Card: Burger Republic

Revealed by the GRUBGRADERS on Sept 2, 2014

Overall GrubGrade A+

The Breakdown:

Atmosphere: Grade B+: We were quite relieved when we finally arrived at Burger Republic. We visited the location in Brentwood, which is a suburb of Nashville. We had some difficulty finding the place, despite punching in the address in our navigation system. Take a good look at the picture above, because you might need to know what the outside of the place looks like if you aren’t familiar with the area. After some confusing walking about in circles, we finally located the entrance of Burger Republic. There’s nothing really noteworthy about the outside of the place, and on the inside, it seemed a little small. That perception might be because the place was insanely busy. The inside of Burger Republic looked like a cross between a garage, a bar, and a burger joint. We, of course, had never heard of Burger Republic, but we were definitely in the minority. We waited a good 15 to 20 minutes for a table to open up, and we had been traveling all day, so expectations were high. Read on to hear how Burger Republic shattered them.

High marks: Nice for a burger place

Low marks: Busy, noisy, and really hard to find


Service: Grade A: It’s been a good month and a half since we visited Burger Republic, and for the life of me I can not remember the name of our server. That’s a real shame since he was fantastic. He was a little alternative looking, but other than that he provided us with phenomenal service. He was engaging and offered us some hints to tweak our dishes to make them better. He also brought us some horseradish aioli to go with our appetizer that wasn’t normally included. Our order was prepared accurately, and other than a slight delay in getting our check, everything progressed nicely even though Burger Republic was very busy. This score might have been an A+ if not for that slight delay.

High marks: Personable, accurate, great suggestions

Low marks: Delay in getting the check


Food/Spirits: Grade A: We started our meal with Philly egg rolls for an appetizer. In order to understand that they tasted like, imagine if a Philly Cheese-steak and some egg rolls hooked up. The resulting offspring would be Philly egg rolls. Stuffed with sliced steak and finely diced onions and peppers, these lightly fried bite sized wonders were heavenly. And, as previously mentioned, our server brought us out some horseradish aioli that went perfectly with the egg rolls. For drinks, Katina ordered a Banana’s Foster milkshake (and yes, there was alcohol in it).


Bananas Foster Milkshake

The shake tasted exactly like banana’s foster, with pronounced banana, nutmeg, and caramel flavors. I opted for a local micro-brew called Tennessee Brew Works Southern Wit. Golden and cloudy, the beer had some spicy notes but lacked the citrus characteristics most wit’s have. The beer had a nice, thick texture with just a hint of hops. It was really one of the better beers I’ve had recently.


Tennessee Brew Works Southern Wit

For her burger, Katina ordered the Tennessee burger, and I ordered a burger called Chili Chili Bang Bang. We both ordered the bacon mac and cheese for our side. The Tennessee burger was smothered in Jack Daniels Honey BBQ sauce and served on a pretzel bun. It was cooked to perfection and came out moist and juicy. In a word, it was orgasmic (uh, using orgasmic, moist, and juicy to describe this burger is making me a little peckish). The Chili Chili Bang Bang is Burger Republic’s take on the chili cheeseburger. Smothered with a chili so tasty it would be great as a stand alone dish, the burger was perfectly cooked and amazingly delicious. Something else that should be noted was that this was the cleanest chili cheeseburger I’ve ever had. Usually, if you’re going to attempt a chili cheeseburger, you need a bib or a ton of napkins. The Chili Chili Bang Bang somehow stayed together nicely. Accompanying both burgers was a crock of bacon mac and cheese. The mac and cheese and an unbelievably creamy and delicious cheese sauce, and just the right amount of bacon and chives to make a really nice and well balanced mac and cheese.

We’ve been looking for the ultimate burger place ever since our local Fuddruckers closed. A couple places have come close, but Burger Republic is officially our new king of the burgers. While a little more upscale and pricey than most of the other burger spots we have gone to, I really hope Burger Republic expands beyond Nashville and comes to Columbus. It would we a great date spot for those who want really great food but not a whole lot of fuss.

High marks: All the food and drinks were spectacular

Low marks: There’s not one in Columbus


Value: Grade A: We can’t remember how much we spent at Burger Republic, but it wouldn’t matter any way. Burger Republic’s superior quality means it earns an A despite the bill. If you’re in Nashville, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t stop by Burger Republic for a bite. We loved our visit to Nashville, and this burger joint is one of the reasons why.

High marks: Quality that is off the charts

Low marks: None

A Look Inside: Burger Republic

Revealed by the Nashville Guru on Jan. 23, 2014

Burger Republic is one of the most talked about burger joints in Nashville, but there was only one location in Lenox Village — until now. Burger Republic’s second location opens in the Gulch on Thursday, January 23rd at 11am.We stopped by to get a look inside their new digs in the Pine Street Flats building (1055 Pine Street Nashville, TN 37203).

The space is really open and bright with garage doors that can open on nice days in Nashville. There’s a huge bar with three televisions, 30 craft beers on tap and four wines on draft. Other seating includes big, comfy booths and four and two-top tables. The motto at Burger Republic is “defend quality” with a focus on three things: burgers, shakes and beer.

With burgers like the Tennessee Burger with Jack Daniel’s honey glaze and the Jalapeno Popper Burger with tempura jalapenos, we think you’ll find your favorite burger in no time. However, you might have a harder time figuring out which “spiked shake” to order. Frozen Black Irish? Spiked Reese’s Malt? Maple Bourbon? You may have to try them all.

They keep it simple and delicious! Sneak a look inside below and be sure to check it out for yourself sooner than later. Take a look at Burger Republic’s menu, and stay tuned for the full beer menu and happy hours.

ZAGAT RATED | 50 States, 50 Burgers

Written by Zagat Staff, Oct. 23, 2013

From Juicy Lucys to deep-fried patties, the United States is stacked with countless regional variations on that beloved all-American staple, the burger. In honor of Burger Week, check out a featured option from each state.

Tennessee: Tennessee Burger at Burger Republic in Nashville

Burger Republic might be a relative newcomer to Nashville’s famed burger scene, but it’s managed to embody the essence of an entire state between a nice set of buns. Nothing says Tennessee quite like the Tennessee Burger, loaded with maple-glazed Benton’s Bacon, American cheese, crispy BBQ onions and smoked ketchup, and topped off with a Jack Daniel’s honey glaze.

The Tennessean | Burger Republic’s gourmet sandwiches, unique toppings rule

Written by Jay Powell, The Tennessean, Sep. 15, 2013

It’s been one of history’s greatest debates, often spurring heated disagreements and dividing even the strongest of friendships.

With corporate chains flooding the market and serving up dollar menu sandwiches by the thousands, many are turning to independent and gourmet establishments in their quest to find who has the best burger in town.

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to who does it best, and each city possesses more than a few worthy contenders. With a logo as forthright and daring as the food it serves and with a mantra to “Defend Quality!” Burger Republic has been named Toast of Music City’s best burger of 2013.

Business partners Drew Jackman and Jeff Warne opened Burger Republic in Lenox Village Town Center off Nolensville Pike last summer after both had experienced success on the corporate level. Since then, the South Nashville eatery has garnered a reputation as a place of comfort and quality by offering something for everyone.

In addition to the use of only certified Black Angus beef, what makes the burgers at Burger Republic stand out are the inventive accoutrements, such as Vermont aged white cheddar and Guinness-braised bacon for The Burger Republic burger and lump crab and hollandaise sauce for the Burger Oscar. For an adventure in the capabilities of what can be sandwiched between two brioche buns, this is the place to go.

Aside from the burgers, Burger Republic now serves 20 beers on tap, has flat-screen televisions on every wall for sports and, to top it all off, has hand-spun and -mixed milkshakes. For those over 21, the spiked milkshakes add a modern twist to the traditional favorite.

For those on the never-ending quest to find the best burger in town, Burger Republic presents a quality and respect to be reckoned with. Since opening in 2012, business has boomed, and plans call for a sister restaurant to open in the Gulch sometime in the fall.