Best Burger in Nashville: Why Do Restaurant Burgers Taste Better?

Best burger in Nashville

Ever had a mouthwatering burger and then try to recreate it at home, only to have a major flop? If this is you, Burger Republic which was ranked amongst the top ten burgers in Nashville, Tennessee, is here to spill the sauce on creating a restaurant-quality burger.

Burger’s are an American classic, and making the perfect one is a rite de passage in the kitchen. Keep reading for the secret to making a restaurant-style burger from the team that does the best burger in Nashville!

Juice Factor

The key to a great restaurant burger is expert juiciness. Achieving this lies in the right combination of high-quality meat.

Burger Republic creates the best burger in Nashville by exclusively sourcing certified Angus beef– a higher rank than USDA choice beef. 

The juiciness of a burger lies in its fat content. The perfect balance is about 70/30 for real tenderness. With a proprietary blend of brisket, short loin, and chuck, Burger Republic achieves the perfect balance of fat for mouthwatering goodness in every bite.

To create that delicious restaurant burger, we grind our own mix of meat, ensuring consistency every time. Once we have the perfect ingredients, it’s about cooking them to perfection. 

Grill Factor

Our team at Burger Republic has a long history in the food industry. We’ve been perfecting our grilling for the past ten years since opening in 2012, but our kitchen knowledge dates way before that. 

That’s a lot of patties to flip!

When it comes to grilling a burger, you want to ensure you get the grill smoking hot! This ensures you get a nice crisp char on the outside while the center of the burger remains tender and juicy. 

A fast-food burger or restaurant burger should always be cooked at a chilled temperature. This ensures food safety, by not letting the meat come below 40 degrees. It also amps up the flavor!

When cooked from a chilled state the fat of your patty disperses quickly throughout the meat, preventing the burger from drying out in the short cooking time. 

Cast iron grills are our trusted favorite. They’re healthier than aluminum or steel and have searing capabilities, unlike any other food surface material. Once we’ve perfected the patty it’s about condiments that let the meat stand out and not overshadow it!

To flavortown we go!


Burger Republic offers a fun selection of menu choices inspired by Nashville classics. We use a variety of locally inspired sauces and toppings. 

Some of our favorites are Memphis Dusted Crispy Onions and our House Made Buffalo Sauce. We make sure to balance the patty with the toppings for an explosion of flavors and textures in your mouth. 

Our patties are seasoned to perfection when ground, so they still remain the star of the show!

Try Burger Republic for the Best Burger in Nashville

Are you drooling yet? We’re getting hungry just thinking about these burgers.

The proprietary burger recipe of Burger Republic is what makes it the Best Burger in Nashville year after year! Come give it a try for yourself in person or order online!

Your taste buds will thank you later!