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    The general job of a restaurant host is to meet, greet, and seat customers. Therefore it is an excellent entry-level job for someone without a lot of restaurant experience (or any). The host should be friendly and courteous, as well as organized and comfortable multi-tasking, knowing how to handle busy shifts.


    The bartender is the top position of the front of house staff. Depending on the type of restaurant, the bartender may be responsible for getting the rest of the staff drinks for their tables (service bar) as well as the serving of customers who choose to eat at the bar.


    A restaurant server is the customer service rep for your restaurant. A good restaurant server can convert any customer into a regular, while a poor server can just as easily turn customers away. A restaurant server job description can include many different duties beyond just serving food.

    Restaurant Manager

    Restaurant managers have a number of responsibilities in the day to day business of running a restaurant.

    Best Burger in Chattanooga

    The Burger Republic Story

    Burger Republic is the premier location to grab a hand-crafted burger and ice cold pint of beer. Burger Republic was founded in 2012 by our two co founders Drew Jackman and Jeff Warne. After reaching success in the corporate level, they had decided to go on their own venture and thus, we opened our first location in Lenox Village. Burger Republic was founded on the idea that all that is needed to make a delicious burger are fresh, quality ingredients. We have held true to this idea over the past nine years and have found that our menu offers something for everyone. From a delicious tater tot fondue to start with all the way to one our hand-spun (spiked) milkshakes, there is an item for everyone on our menu. One thing you can always expect when walking through the doors of one of our five locations is that you will find great food and an even better atmosphere. Whether you are looking for a place to watch the game, enjoy a meal with friends, or just need a quick place to eat the best burger in Chattanooga, Burger Republic has everything you need for an amazing time.

    Premium Hand-Crafted Burgers

     Have you ever been let down by a burger that you thought was going to hit the spot? Well, we have and it makes for quite the unfortunate experience. That is why all of our burgers are hand-crafted and made only using Certified Angus Beef to ensure we have the best burger in Chattanooga. Every burger we make is packed with tender, juicy beef and an abundant amount of flavor. Whether you are someone that likes just a classic cheeseburger or someone that likes to experiment with different flavors, we have options to suit every tastebud that walks through our doors. Every burger that leaves our kitchen is made to order, fresh for every single customer to ensure you’re having the best burger in Chattanooga. Don’t accept some subpar burger to quench you hunger, you need hearty, tasteful and possibly the best burger in Chattanooga that was made with you specifically in mind. Even if a burger isn’t on your mind for the evening, our menu offers a plethora of options to fit any mood. Offering up sandwiches that will leave your mouth wanting so much more and loaded salads that will surprise you with just how filling they are. Every menu item is made with the best produce, quality meats, and cooked fresh every single day. With so many delicious options, you’ll be dying to come and try the things you didn’t get last time.

    Hand-Spun Spiked Shakes and Draft Beer

    Looking for your next after work beer spot that just so happens to have the best burger in Chattanooga? What about a spiked sweet treat for a night cap? What about both? Burger Republic has an excellent variety of beers on draft to fill up a frosty pint with and enjoy after a hard day’s work. Our Lenox Village location has 20+ options on draft to choose from ranging from local options to nationwide favorites. Don’t like anything you see on tap? No worries, we offer a range of bottles and cans on top of the range of options that can be found on tap. With daily happy hour specials, you’d be crazy to not come through our doors to unwind, and if you get hungry, we have the best burger in Chattanooga on our menu to serve up for dinner.

    Topping the night off with something sweet like a milkshake is about as American as a cutoff tank top on the 4th of July; it is in our DNA! At Burger Republic, we offer spiked and non-spiked milkshakes to not only curb that sweet tooth but deliver exactly what it is asking for. These shakes are over the top and packed with loads of flavor. Are you a lover of chocolate? Try the Assassination By Chocolate (ABC), and we promise that it’ll send you into chocolate overload by the time you’re done with it. Spice it up by adding a shot of your favorite vodka and that is one tasty, boozy milkshake. The possibilities are endless when you come to Burger Republic, and we could continue telling you all the great reasons for why you should try the best burger in Chattanooga but at this point, you should just come on in and give it a try.