The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Favorite Burger Meat

burger meat

Choosing between Burger Republic’s Tennessee burger or the 96 burger is hard enough. But you also have to choose which protein you want your burger to be made with.

How do you decide?

Whether you try an Angus beef, turkey, or veggie burger, here are the factors and options you need to consider when looking for your favorite burger meat.

Fat Content

The fat content of a burger determines how juicy and flavorful your burger will be. You need to pay attention to the lean-to-fat ratio when choosing burger meat. 

Too much fat will leave the bun soaked with grease. However, too little fat will lead to a dry and chewy burger.

For the best burger, aim for meat with 80% lean meat and 20% fat. Your burger will be perfectly juicy without the sogginess.

Type of Beef

Beef is the most commonly chosen and available when it comes to burger meat options. But there are different types and qualities of beef that can affect how your burger will taste.

Certified Angus beef is a popular option if you are looking for the best burger. Angus cattle develop a better level of marbling than many other cattle breeds. This can give you better flavor and tenderness and can even help keep the beef moist while it is cooking.

Plus Angus beef is harvested from cows that are aged 9-30 months. As a result, you’ll get meat that is much more tender when compared to meat from older cows.

Alternative Meats

While burger purists may only consider burgers made with beef to be burgers, there are a few alternative types of meat that you should consider. Particularly if you are following a low-fat diet or trying to avoid red meat, you should think about a patty made with either turkey or chicken.

A good burger restaurant can create an all-natural turkey burger with a taste that is on par with a beef burger. Choosing an all-natural chicken breast is also a great option to switch up your burger. You can still get all of the flavors from your toppings, in a healthier and unique way.

Meatless Options

Just because you follow a meatless diet doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the deliciousness of a burger. Burger Republic offers house-made vegan veggie burgers that let you enjoy your favorite burgers without the meat.

An Impossible Burger is a great option if you want a plant-based patty with the same taste as a beef patty.

Find Your Favorite Burger Meat

With all of the options available, finding your favorite burger meat can seem difficult. Consider a few of the factors that make a delicious, high-quality burger and you’ll be well on your way to discovering your favorite burger meat.

Whether you choose Angus beef, all-natural turkey or chicken, or veggie or Impossible Burger patty, your burger from Burger Republic is sure to become one of your favorite burgers.

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