The Qualities of a Good Locally Owned Burger Place

burger place

Did you know that hamburgers are in the top three American favorite foods? Fries are number two! If you’re craving an American classic meal of burger and fries, it’s time to get to a great local burger place.

But how do you know when you’ve found a true diamond in the rough when mediocre burger joints are a dime a dozen? Let’s talk about it!

Read on to learn about a few things that make a burger place great.

A Great Atmosphere

This is true for any restaurant, but a good burger joint always needs to have good vibes. Eating in Tennessee should always be fun and relaxing.

When you enter the restaurant, are the servers friendly? Do the decorations make the burger place look inviting? Do people seem to be enjoying themselves?

If so, that’s a sign that you’ve found the best burger joint around. 

They Specialize in Burgers

This might seem redundant, but if you’re looking for the “best burger near me,” you probably want to go somewhere that actually specializes in burgers.

A local steakhouse, sandwich shop, or even Mexican food joint might have a fantastic burger, but it’s unlikely that it will be the best one around. It’s a secondary option.

A good burger joint puts burgers front and center. They may offer burger alternatives as well, but burgers are the main event. It means that they’re trying to perfect their craft. 

But: They Still Have a Wide Variety of Options

With this in mind, a great burger joint should still have other options available. This is great for when you’re eating with people who may not love burgers, but love things that are burger-adjacent (like sandwiches).

The foods should, however, be related.

A great burger joint likely makes great fries, tater toys, and milkshakes. They should also offer at least one vegetarian option so no one gets left out. After all, even vegetarian burgers can be fantastic! There are more vegetarians now than ever, and a good burger place will cater to them.

They Use High-Quality Ingredients 

Any burger place can use frozen patties or low-quality meat, but a great burger joint takes pride in its Tennessee burgers. They make them from scratch (or at least have high-quality options, like Impossible burgers instead of low-quality alternatives). 

They focus on freshness and flavor, and they cook almost everything from scratch. Their milkshakes are made from ice cream instead of powder, milk, and ice.

They don’t just use cheap hamburger buns. They offer pretzel buns, brioche, and other tasty options. 

If you’re not opting for high-quality ingredients, you might as well just get a fast-food burger. If you’re going to a local joint, prioritize quality. 

Treat Yourself to a Great Burger Place

You deserve a burger at a fantastic local burger place. Don’t settle for less. Next time you’re hungry and in the mood for a burger, look for these qualities and get ready for a great meal. 

Why not visit us at Burger Republic? We love making high-quality burgers for all of our hungry Nashville guests. Give us a try at one of our local locations!