Enjoy an Evening Out at These Amazing Dinner Spots in Nashville

best dinner in nashville

The Music City is chowing down! More than 80,000 Nashville residents work in the food and restaurant industries. 

If you want to go to a city for foodies that isn’t too crowded, you should consider going to Nashville. But you shouldn’t head out the door just yet. You should do some research on the best places for Nashville food. 

What are some of Nashville’s best restaurants, and what do they serve? Where should you eat if you don’t want American food? Where should you go if you want Nashville burgers? 

Answer these questions and you can sample everything Nashville has to offer. Here is your quick guide.

Lou Nashville

You go to Lou Nashville for brunch or dinner. The restaurant is well-known on the Nashville food scene for its versatility, offering many dishes throughout the year. If you’re a wine connoisseur, you can sample wines from all over the world, including non-alcoholic options.

The dinner menu includes vegetarian, seafood, and meat dishes along with exotic desserts like toasted barley custard. Your table can also order a charcuterie platter with fresh ricotta, vegetables, and eggs. 

Rosie Food and Wine

Rosie Food and Wine is in Hendersonville, making it a great place to visit when you want to go outside the city center. The restaurant is Spanish-inspired, but the menu changes from day to day to accommodate fresh ingredients. 

You can find classic Spanish dishes like patatas bravas and croquettes. You can also try numerous seafood options, including grilled octopus and striped bass. If you like combining Spanish with Italian ingredients, you can order risotto, spaghetti, and tortellini.


Epice is one of Nashville’s best Lebanese restaurants. It is located in 12 South, a residential neighborhood that has a quaint atmosphere for outdoor eating.

You can go to Epice for lunch or dinner. You can order off a mezze menu at any time, sampling hummus, falafel, and flatbreads. For your main course, you can order a sandwich or salad.

Burger Republic

Burger Republic offers some of the best burgers in Nashville. You can visit locations in Lenox Village and Gulch. 

You can find classic burgers and shakes made with fresh and high-quality ingredients. If you want a gourmet burger, you can order The 96, which combines bleu cheese with glazed mushrooms, onions, and bacon. You can also sample unique appetizers like pepperoni cheese curds and Nashville hot tots. 

Getting the Best Dinner in Nashville

The best dinner in Nashville can mean ordering a few different things. Lou Nashville is becoming popular amongst foodies for its incredible menu and wine selections.

Rosie Food and Wine is a quiet spot outside the city, and you can sample a variety of Spanish dishes. Epice offers Lebanese cuisine with an emphasis on light dishes filled with all-natural ingredients. 

But if you’re in the mood for a quick and easy dinner, you should visit Burger Republic. You can sit down with your food, order for pickup, or get a burger brought to your door. Place your order today.