5 Essential Qualities of a Great Burger

great burger

If you’re an American, you probably appreciate a good burger. We’ve certainly got a reputation for it, but what’s so wrong with loving a great burger, anyway?

When you’re ordering a burger, you should always make sure you’re getting the best. To get the most out of your next lunch or dinner, you need to know what makes a great burger.

Keep reading, and we’ll tell you all about the 5 essential qualities of all great burgers.

1. Burger Flavor 

When you’re talking about what makes a good burger, the first thing to address is the beef. The best burgers are made of certified Angus beef.

At Burger Republic, we’re proud to serve certified Angus beef burgers, which have the fullest flavor and the optimal amount of fat for premium juiciness. 

Of course, burger flavor is still essential even if you don’t eat beef. Never settle for a bland turkey burger or veggie burger! 

2. Burger Thickness

The right burger thickness is key. You want a burger that’s thick enough to be juicy and flavorful, but not so thick that it feels like you’re eating a meatloaf. 

You must also consider your burger-to-condiments and toppings ratio. If you want a lot of toppings on your burger, you probably want a slightly heartier patty than your typical home-griller. 

3. Condiments 

The perfect burger isn’t complete without condiments. According to Grubhub, the most popular burger condiment in the United States is mayonnaise. 

However, ketchup and mustard are close behind. For an elevated experience, consider getting your burger with aioli or a mixture of ketchup and mayo. 

The creaminess of mayo and the tanginess of ketchup (or bleu cheese, if you’re feeling adventurous) are the perfect accompaniments to a juicy burger. 

4. Fresh Toppings 

When it comes to toppings, always choose quality over quantity. The best toppings should compliment the flavor of your burger and toppings. 

For example, if you want barbecue sauce and cheese on your burger, consider pairing it with some caramelized onions or applewood bacon. 

Whatever your toppings are, make sure they’re fresh and top-quality.

5. A Toasted Bun

Finally, no burger is complete without a toasted bun. Brioche is a great choice for a classic burger experience, but you’ve got plenty of other options if that isn’t your style. 

For a burger with tangy mustard, consider a pretzel bun. You’ll call up all the flavors of a German pub in one juicy bite.

If you’re more health-conscious, a whole wheat or gluten-free burger bun is a great choice for you.

Never Settle For Less Than a Great Burger

Feeling hungry? Now that you know all the qualities of a great burger, go ahead and satisfy that craving. If you’re in Tennessee, order a great burger from Burger Republic today.

For more tips on how to order the best burger from Burger Republic, feel free to check out the rest of our blog.