Best burger in the Gulch

The Best Burger in the Gulch, Burger Republic Style

Are you searching for burgers that push boundaries? Set your sights on Burger Republic, where flavor is the top priority. Nestled in the heart of the Gulch, our eatery serves up the best burgers in town.  How do we create the best burger in the Gulch? Read on to see why Gulch residents love us. Burger Republic’s Menu …

cool burger toppings

5 Cool Burger Toppings You Absolutely Have To Try

You walk into your favorite burger joint, the aroma of sizzling patties and fresh-baked buns wafting through the air. The ambiance is electric, filled with the sounds of laughter, clinking glasses, and the sizzle of the grill. You sit down, ready to order your usual – but you’re in the mood for something cool and …

classic burger

The Great Burger Debate: The Cheese vs. Classic Burger

Nothing quite beats the savory taste of a classic burger, which is probably why it ranks as the third most popular food in America. When asking people how they like to eat their burgers, you’ll find that not everyone has the same opinion.  People are either purists who love a classic burger or can’t eat …

top notch burger

5 Chef Secrets for Making a Top Notch Burger

Sizzling patties, perfectly toasted buns, and a mix of flavors that delight your taste buds. Welcome to the world of burgers, where every bite is a journey into culinary delight. But what separates a mediocre burger from a masterpiece? Unveil the secrets of top chefs as we dive into the art of crafting the ultimate …

best way to season a burger

What Is the Best Way to Season a Burger?

There’s no question that burgers are one of the most popular dishes to eat in the country. Americans eat around 50 billion hamburgers each year. There’s even a whole month devoted to celebrating the beloved food.  The best way to season a burger is a topic that’s often up for debate. The type of burger …

sourdough burger buns

How to Make the Perfect Sourdough Burger Buns

Are you among the 31% of people who bake at least once a week? Most people imagine sweets when they think about baking, but bread is another fabulous option. There’s nothing better than biting into a fresh hamburger bun. Have you been wanting to make sourdough burger buns? Read on for our sourdough burger bun guide. …

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