Everything You Need to Know About Burger Republic

best burger in Middle TN

Did you know that the USDA estimates Americans consume over 50 billion burgers each year? That’s a lot of burgers, and many of them are probably of poor quality. Fast food joints and greasy spoons offer convenience, not quality.

If you’re an American in love with hamburgers, why waste your time and money on inferior products? You should only eat the best burger in Middle TN. 

Burger Republic prides itself on its quality and consistency. Read on to learn all about Burger Republic and the best burger in Nashville.

Quality Beef

The best burger in Murfreesboro has to use the best beef. At Burger Republic, we only use Certified Angus Beef® for our patties. What makes Certified Angus Beef® so good?

The USDA classifies beef based on its marbling or intramuscular fat content. The more marbling, the higher the grade. Prime is the highest USDA beef classification.

Certified Angus Beef® is a particular brand of beef that uses only Angus steer. These Angus steers receive a USDA evaluation and grade. The meat from these Black Angus cows receives an independent classification.

Only the highest quality from this last grading and classification gets sold under the “Certified Angus” brand.

Why Certified Angus Beef®?

Because of the grading process, Certified Angus Beef® has the quality and consistency you’d expect from the best burger in Lenox Village. The abundant marbling characteristics of Angus steer make this beef the most flavorful on the market.

We use this beef as the base ingredient for our hamburger patties, and we also use the highest quality secondary ingredients.

A Lifetime in Restaurants

Burger Republic’s flagship Lenox Village location opened in 2012. Business partners Drew Jackman and Jeff Warne have years of experience in the corporate restaurant world and knew what it took to open a burger restaurant that appealed to the masses.

Despite their experience in the chain restaurant world, Jackman’s passion is for local and independent restaurants. Each Burger Republic has a unique interior and an atmosphere of its own. While the food quality remains consistent, Jackman and Warne offer a vibe you can’t get anywhere else.


Burger Republic flexes our muscles as the best burger in the Gulch. We also believe that we serve the best burger in Mt. Juliet. Our quality ingredients and “fiercely independent brand” give us the upper hand on any other Tennessee burger joint.

In 2018, however, we were voted by TripAdvisor as one of the top ten burgers in America.

The Best Burger in Middle TN

Are you tired of looking at a boring restaurant menu and choosing a burger because you don’t know what else to order? Don’t eat a burger as a compromise. You should only eat the best.

Burger Republic serves the best burger in Middle TN. We use the highest quality ingredients and offer a unique atmosphere. We guarantee you’ll finish every bite.

Are you hungry for the best burgers? Order online from Burger Republic today.