Shaking Things Up: The Best Milkshake Flavors That You Need to Try At Burger Republic

milkshake flavors

It’s the classic American treat that makes everyone think of the days of soda jerks and drive-in movies. Nothing goes better with a burger and fries. But if you’ve been sticking to chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, you’re missing out on some fabulous milkshake flavors!

Think of all your favorite dessert flavors and how nuanced they can be. Why not apply those same nuances of flavor to your milkshake experience? You can with the unique milkshake flavors at Burger Republic.

Pumpkin Spiced

With autumn coming in and all the excitement of the season coming with it, you should have a milkshake that reflects all that fall is. This super creamy milkshake is the best combination of sweet and spiced in one delicious frozen package.

Even if it’s still warm out you can celebrate the harvest season with a milkshake that tastes like the best slice of pumpkin pie ever.

White Chocolate Strawberry

You may be wondering how to choose a milkshake flavor that’s new and exciting when you already know what you like? Why not take an old favorite to a new level? 

The white chocolate strawberry milkshake is a richer, more decadent version of the strawberry milkshake you already know and love. With a real strawberry puree and high-quality white chocolate syrup, you can’t go wrong. It’s like a strawberry shortcake in a cup.

Caramel Mocha Latte

Burger Republic milkshake flavors can be for the mature palette as well. Is your favorite dessert perhaps a tiramisu? Do you like your sweet a little bitter and your dessert a little energizing?

If that sounds like you, you must try the caramel mocha latte milkshake. It offers the punch of espresso, the milky dreaminess of a milkshake, and that extra sweetness with caramel. It’s sure to have you both buzzing and swooning at the same time.

Cookie Butter

Hmmm, should you have a cookie or a milkshake for dessert?

Why not both!? Cookie butter is the relatively new ingredient that has dessert fanatics losing their collective minds. Ground-up spice cookies are mixed with butter to create a creamy spread that’s just perfect for mixing into a milkshake.

This shake is a particularly good option if you want something spiced and autumnal tasting but aren’t the biggest fan of pumpkin.

Zebra Corn Shake

Take a step into the wild side with one of Burger Republic’s most innovative milkshake flavors on their menu. Did you ever consider having caramel and chocolate in the same milkshake? 

Okay, you probably have but what about topping that with caramel popcorn? Now THAT is a new idea. Who doesn’t love caramel corn and who wouldn’t like it even more when combine with a chocolate milkshake? That sweet and salty combination is perfect and brings you back to being a kid at the circus.

Milkshake Flavors for Every Sweet Tooth

Everyone wants a little something different when it comes to a milkshake, and at Burger Republic, there are so many milkshake flavors to explore. You’ve just got to try them all from updates on old favorites to the most out-there flavors!

Of course, milkshakes aren’t the only thing that Burger Republic does well. Head over to our blog to find out more about the delicious food served there!