The Best Sides to Go With the Best Burger in Lennox Village

best burger in Lennox Village

It’s no secret that Americans love burgers. In fact, Americans eat an average of three burgers weekly. But any burger lover knows you can just have any burger.

If you’re looking for the best burger in Lennox Village, look no further than the Burger Republic. The Burger Republic has been serving all of Tennessee the most flavorful, high-quality, affordable burgers since 2012. The best burger deserves only the best of sides.

In this article, we cover the best side dishes to a burger. All sides mentioned can be enjoyed at our location in Lennox Village. Keep reading and you may just find something new to try when you dine at the Burger Republic! 

Best Sides for Burgers: 

Burgers and fries are a classic food combination, but we know that sometimes you want to switch things up. That’s why we offer an impressive selection of classic and unique Burger Republic sides. 

A good burger is full of savory, umami flavor. Umami is that fifth flavor after sweetness, saltiness, bitterness, and sourness and is most prominent in meats, cheeses, oysters, and many kinds of cheese. You can enhance the rich umami flavor of a burger when you pair it with other flavors in your choice of side dish. 

Can’t Go Wrong With Fries

As we said, you can’t go wrong with burgers and fries. Yet, you can enhance the rich umami flavor when you pair your burger with our savory Benton’s garlic bacon fries. Or, you can be like our friends from across the pond and order a side of house chips. 

Shake It up With Tater Tots 

Switch things up while still enjoying that savory, umami flavor when you order a burger and tots.

We have plenty of tots options ranging from tame to extreme. On the tame side, you can enjoy a side of classic tater tots or our sweet potato tots. If you want a more extreme dining experience, you can pair your burger with a side of our truffle tots or our famous Nashville hot tots. 

Stay on the Lighter Side 

If you’re looking for a healthier side option, we’ve got your back. You can enjoy your burger and cut down on calories when you order a side salad or the chef’s vegetables. 

Pair With Mouthwatering Mac and Cheese 

We’ve saved our best side for a burger for last. You can enjoy the ultimate umami-packed flavor meal when you order a Burger Republic burger with a side of our savory Benton’s bacon mac and cheese. The mix of a fresh and crisp burger with creamy bacon and cheese is to die for. 

Try the Best Burger in Lennox Village Today 

See for yourself why the Burger Republic makes the best burger in Lennox Village when you dine with us today. 

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