Asking the Burger Experts: What’s the Best Meat for Burgers?

best meat for burgers

There’s something so vintage American about sitting down in a nice diner with a delicious juicy burger in your hands. It’s a tasty treat that can’t be beaten.

Burgers probably aren’t your daily meal choice, but they make for a great special occasion. And you want to make that occasion really special with the best meat for burgers you can possibly get.

Not all burger meats are created equal. That doesn’t mean they don’t all taste good. But one type of burger beef stands out above the rest.

Here is your guide to understanding what makes certified Angus beef the best of all burger meats.

Why Angus Is The Best Meat For Burgers 

There are a variety of factors that makes certified Angus beef the best meat to grind for burgers. . One of those factors is in the marbling.

What this refers to is how fat is deposited into the meat. Modest or higher marbling makes for the best meat combo for burgers.

There should be a small amount of fat in the burger for the sake of keeping it moist and juicy. Too much fat however will result in an overly juicy burger that can make the bun soggy and ruin the experience. A ratio of 80% lean to 20% fat is the best meat mix for burgers to ensure maximum flavor without a soggy bun.

Another factor that makes certified Angus beef the best meat for gourmet burgers is A-maturity. Angus beef is only harvested from cows aged 9-30 months. Younger cows are typically much more tender than older ones, which is great because nobody wants to eat a dry and chewy burger.

Preparing The Best Burger

You now know that Angus is the best burger meat you can get. Now you can learn all about how to prepare it for the best burger possible.

A burger should be cooked at no lower than 130 degrees, though the FDA would recommend no lower than 160 where most dangerous bacterias and pathogens die. Since 40% of Americans prefer a thoroughly cooked well-done burger, the FDA’s recommendation should make for satisfactory taste as well as safety.

You also want to have a good balance between burger thickness and condiments. If you like a lot of condiments and other ingredients, a super-thin patty probably won’t cut it. However, don’t make the patty so thick that you may as well be eating meatloaf.

Finally, ensure your burger is mixed with the right ingredients. Melt the cheese to the burger, have some good crunchie veggies in there, and have a nice toasted bun to lower the chances of sogginess.

Order The Best Burger In Tennessee

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