Bite the Right Way: What Are the Best Burger Toppings?

Best burger

America is a land of steaming burgers. Americans eat roughly 50 billion burgers every year. That’s two burgers for each American every day. 

One reason why burgers are so popular is that everyone has their opinion on the best burger. You can find an incredible variety of toppings, each with its own flavor and texture profiles. 

What are the best kinds of cheese to put on a burger? What should you select for a healthy topping? What are some good condiments? 

Answer these questions and you can master how to top a burger in no time. Here is your quick guide.


Cheese is one of the best burger toppings because it is so versatile. You can put nearly any type of cheese on top of a burger and enjoy it. 

American and cheddar cheese are the two most popular types of cheese for burgers. They are salty and savory, but they do not overpower the natural flavors of the beef. If you want buttery cheese, you can try Swiss cheese.


Onions are another versatile burger topping. You can order caramelized onions, which are sweet and soft. If you like spicy food and a firm texture, you can place raw chopped onions on your burger. 

Onion rings are a popular side dish. But you can experiment with your burger and place fried onions on top of your patty. Onion rings work well on burgers with barbeque sauce.


Mushrooms are one of the less common burger toppings. But they can be just as effective as cheese or onions. 

Baby and button mushrooms are easy to eat and cook. Some restaurants get elaborate and serve stuffed portobello mushrooms on their burgers. You can find these burgers by researching “mushroom burger near me.” 


Everyone has their own opinion on the best condiments for burgers. Ketchup and mustard are simple. But the sweetness of the ketchup and the spiciness of mustard create a delectable flavor combination.

If you want something different, you can get a mayonnaise-based sauce. Fry sauce combines mayonnaise and ketchup together. 


Some people like to put lettuce or tomatoes on their burgers. Fresh produce can make your burger healthier, but old produce can seem watery or mushy. 

Pickles can be as healthy as lettuce without tasting bland. You can put sweet or salty pickle slices on top of your burger. Avoid putting them against your bun, as they can make it soggy.

The Toppings for the Best Burger

You can create the best burger in several ways. Cheddar and American cheese offer a kick of salt while Swiss cheese can taste like butter. 

Onions and mushrooms are healthy while adding light touches to your burger. If you prefer a little sweetness, you can caramelize your onions. 

Condiments can add some wetness as well as kicks of spice and sweetness. Pickles are an ideal healthy topping because they are not bland, even when they get old. 

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