Quality Burgers: 4 Things You Need to Know About Certified Angus Beef

certified angus beef

When you buy ‘angus’ beef at the store, do you know what that label actually means? You might already know that angus is a high-quality type of beef, but that might be the extent of your knowledge.

To be a real burger master, you need to get informed!

Don’t panic. We’ll help you understand exactly what certified angus beef is and what it’s not. Read on to learn the top four things you need to know before you label yourself a burger expert.

1. Angus Describes a Species

About 93.6 million cattle live in the United States, but there are various breeds. The term ‘Angus’ describes one of those breeds: a Black Angus cow.

Despite many brands using the ‘Angus’ label, this specific breed is rarer than you’d think. This type of cow is often considered genetically superior to others when it comes to its meat.

Less than 8% of America’s beef gets the label of certified angus beef.

Black Angus meat is more flavorful and tender. Even better, it’s well marbled, which means fat gets distributed in a more even way than other types of cow meat.

2. The Certification Process Involves 10 Steps

So, how does a Black Angus cow’s meat get certified? It must pass through a ten step qualification process. These steps include:

  • Modest or higher marbling
  • Medium to fine marbling texture
  • 10-16 square inch ribeye
  • Hot carcass weight of 1,050 or less
  • Fat thickness of less than one inch
  • Cattle harvested less than 30 months of age
  • Visual appearance is not dark
  • No capillary ruptures
  • No neck humps
  • High-quality muscling

Those are some strict standards!

3. Real Black Angus Beef Costs More

Considering the facts above, it makes sense that certified angus beef costs more. On average, you can expect to pay about 10% more for real quality angus beef.

If your burger isn’t Black Angus, then don’t even think about overpaying. This newfound knowledge will help you order burgers like a pro.

4. It’s the Best of the Best

Now you know, certified Black Angus beef is the best of the best. Not only are the cattle considered to be the top breed, but the meat is phenomenal, too. If you want a mouthwatering burger, then you need to get certified angus beef on it.

It’s got the best taste, texture, marbling, thickness, and visual appeal of any beef on the market. As you’d expect, you’ll pay the price for all that, though. So, is it worth it to you?

Ready to Eat the Best Certified Angus Beef in Town?

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