Sliders vs. Burgers: What’s the Difference?

sliders vs burgers

Sliders and burgers are two of the most popular meals of choice for Americans. The latter has 50 billion of its kind eaten by Americans every year. 

A lot of people may see these as very similar or sliders as just the smaller version of the burger. But, there are a few key differences to be aware of. 

What are those differences? This is your guide to the sliders vs. burgers debate. 


This food has a history that goes back over 10,000 years to the days of Mesopotamia. The term comes from Hamburg and its larger size is what you would think of for the main course. 

The food has a unique ability to be both a great fast food option and for higher quality burgers, a good option at a sit-down restaurant. 

Ironically, burgers may be the healthier option though. This is because only one patty is used to make these whereas sliders are usually served in groups. 

A burger patty may have slightly more fat in it, but because sliders are smaller, people will most likely have more than one at one serving, which adds up when it comes to fat. 

If you have the right burger, you are probably not going to need much more food next to it than a side of fries or potatoes. 


These are also something that you can find in both fast food and sit-down restaurants. Let’s use one of the more famous examples of the fast food example with White Castle. 

It is a chain that relies mainly on sliders and sells them in packs of six, ten, or even thirty. They have been around for 100 years and have about 360 restaurants in 12 markets. 

But, there is no one size fits all for the slider as much as there is for the burger. That is because the cooking style for this requires you to make it like a meatball on a griddle rather than tossing a burger on a girl or frying it. 

These beef sliders are also usually meant to be finger food rather than something you have to use two hands to hold. With a burger, sometimes the whole thing falls apart if you try to use just one hand but with sliders, it is something that you can grab with one hand from a waiter at a fancier establishment. 

A burger is meant to be the main course, while the slider is a little more flexible in being able to be an appetizer if you stick to 1-2 or you can make it a meal by ordering a group of them. 

Sliders vs. Burgers 

So, are there major differences between sliders vs. burgers? Maybe not major but a burger can be the healthier option that is designed to be bigger and on its own. A slider can arguably play a more flexible role with meals. 

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