The Best Appetizers to Pair with the Best Burger


Americans eat nearly 50 billion burgers a year. Now, most of these are tasteless fast food menu items. However, the best burger is a top-notch dish that is curated with high-quality ingredients. 

The Burger Republic has become infamous for its abundance of flavorful menu options. Chief amongst them is our wide selection of certified Angus beef burgers.

To complement our tender and juicy burger selections we have curated a list of the best appetizers to pair with our high-quality burgers.  Keep reading to learn more about the best appetizers to pair with our juicy burgers.

Pepperoni Cheese Curds

Want a bite of heaven? Order our pepperoni cheese curds. These Wisconsin-style cheese curds are covered with garlic bread and infused with pepperoni, parmesan cheese, parsley, and marinara. They bring an Italian twist to any meal.

Tater Tot Fondue

We offer platters of crispy golden-brown tater tots with beer cheese fondue, bacon bits, chives, and sour cream. At the Burger Republic, we believe that no detail is too small to elevate our dishes.

Nashville Hot Tots

The Nashville Hot Tots are one of our hottest menu items. These famous tater tots are dusted in hot spices and drizzled with our house buffalo sauce and chives. To make this appetizer even more mouthwatering we pair it with our homemade bleu cheese dressing.

Benton’s Bacon Garlic Fries

Fries are a classic pairing with burgers. However, at the Burger Republic, we gave this age-old combination an extra twist. Our bacon garlic fries are covered with bacon bits, roasted garlic, chives, parmesan cheese, and green onions.

These fries are both sweet and savory. We pair these fries with our in-house Benton’s bacon ranch as a dipping sauce. If you want to spice up your burger add a layer of fries to your bun to get a taste of garlic with every bite.

Pickles and Peppers

Our house-fried dill pickle chips and jalapenos with barbeque sauce leave everyone wanting more. You can give your burgers a healthier companion by pairing them with pickles and peppers. We offer fried pickle chips and jalapenos as a lighter alternative to pair with your entrée. These deep-fried vegetables are a staple of good Southern cooking.

Although fried pickles first originated in Arkansas, at the Burger Republic we have refined our recipe to be entirely our own. Fried pickles are both juicy and crunchy — making them both savory and refreshing.

Fried peppers are often coated in cornmeal and fried up to offer up a spicy snack to munch on. This explosion of flavor goes great with a nice thick burger.

Order the Best Appetizers

Even the best burger can be enhanced with delicious appetizers. That is why at the Burger Republic we work to offer a diverse menu that has something for everyone. 

Craving a burger and some bacon garlic fries now? Or perhaps your mouth is watering at the thought of fried pickles and peppers. Come on by the Burger Republic and get your fix.