Looking For Something More Healthy? How to Make a Healthy Burger

healthy burger

Over 60% of Americans want to eat healthier and get fit. Eating a healthier diet means less risk of disease, a healthier body, and extended life. 

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Healthy eating can be fun and filling, even while eating the best burger in Murfreesboro.

Did you know that you can make a healthy burger? If you love burgers, but you’re committed to eating healthy, here are some tips on crafting a burger that is delicious and good for you. 


When you’re making burgers at home you want to choose lean meats. You can make burgers with ground turkey or ground chicken, which is leaner than beef. If you like the taste of beef, ground bison is a great choice, or you could dabble in creating veggie burgers made entirely out of veggies, like black beans and quinoa.

If you enjoy bacon on your burger, swap it out for a healthier type of bacon like turkey bacon. Or, you can forget the bacon altogether if you’re ordering the best burger in Lennox Village.

Healthy Toppings

While you might think that ketchup, mustard, and cheese are common toppings on burgers, the truth is that you can put any toppings on your burger. When you’re eating healthy, choose healthier toppings like fresh onions, lettuce, avocado, tomato, sprouts, and more. As long as it’s healthy and you love, it put it on your burger for a boost of nutrients and minerals. 

Ways to Eat

Burgers are often sandwiched in between bread or buns, making the burger more bread than meat. However, there are healthier choices if you’re cutting the carbs, while eating the best burger in Middle TN. 

For example, you can wrap your burger in lettuce, very similar to eating a wrap. This gives it a crunch and still allows you to keep all your toppings. 

You can also eat your burger open-faced. This might mean that you remove the bread completely, or keep the bottom portion. If you do want to eat your burger with bread, choose a whole wheat bun or a whole grain bun instead of white to give your body more complex carbohydrates and keep you full. 

Ordering A Burger

One tricky part of eating a healthy burger is ordering one when you go out. 

Try ordering it with healthier toppings and cutting out the bread, similar to eating it at home. This way, you can have the best burger in Nashville and keep it healthy. 

Ask what kind type of meat the burger is made of and request a leaner meat if it’s available.  Don’t forget that burgers often come with sides like fries or onion rings. Skip the fried side and opt for a salad. 

Finding the Best Burger in the Gulch

A healthy burger is the best burger because you still get to enjoy burgers, but wth plenty of healthy and filling foods. When searching for the best burger near me, make sure there are healthy options available for you. 

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