What Makes a Gourmet Burger Stand Out?

gourmet burger

Did you know that, in Wisconsin, many claim that Charlie Nagreen invented hamburgers when he purportedly put a meatball in between two slices of bread at a fair in 1885 in Seymour? There are so many different origin stories about hamburgers that it can make you wonder what’s actually the truth. 

You can think about this and other deep thoughts while enjoying a gourmet burger in Tennessee. Read on to find out what makes a gourmet burger different from a regular one. 

1. High-Quality Fresh Meat

If you are eating at a quality burger joint that cares about creating the best burger out there, then you know they are not just picking up their meat at the local butcher shop. Or worse at Costco or Sam’s Club. 

A gourmet burger chef will choose the meat for their burger with great care, because fresh meat is the foundation of a good burger. They will also probably choose the best cuts like Wagyu beef or higher, because they want your burger eating experience to be phenomenal.

That’s one reason why gourmet burgers are also quite a bit more expensive than a regular burger eaten at a restaurant. But they are absolutely worth the additional cost.

2. Carefully Chosen Toppings

This is another thing that your gourmet burger chef would spend quite a bit of time on. They will choose some of the best toppings out there, with care and finesse. Not only will they buy any toppings direct from the farm, but they will also have delicious gourmet sauces made out of high-quality ingredients from all over the world.

3. Balanced Flavour That’s Out of This World

Finally, a gourmet burger isn’t just slapped together with no regard for the final product. Each flavour, each topping, each portion of burger has to be put together in a way that makes the last bite as good as the first one.

This balance of flavouring and composition comes from weeks or even months of prep and experimentation. Your gourmet burger chef has probably tried a hundred different flavour combos before falling upon the one you end up biting into. It doesn’t happen by chance and definitely tastes like it didn’t happen by default. 

If you are interested and have the time, you should even have a conversation with your chef about your burger, to get deeper insight into how they created this bonafide gourmet goodness. 

Savour Your Gourmet Burger as It Was Made With Such Care

Take your time to savour and enjoy your gourmet burger because your chef put so much effort into it. It’s a work of art and it deserved to be treated as such.

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