The History of Burgers and Shakes: An American Tradition

Burgers and Shakes

Would you believe that Americans eat over 50 billion hamburgers each year?

While fast food classics like burgers and shakes may be viewed as an American tradition now, they haven’t been around as long as you might imagine. The history of burgers and shakes may not be clear-cut, but it’s fun to learn about how these important foods have shaped our culture.

When Were Hamburgers Invented?

Since you can find tasty burgers on almost any street nowadays, it can be hard to imagine a time when they were a hidden treasure. The exact origin of hamburgers as we know them today isn’t known for sure, but historians believe that they were invented around 1885.

The reason why the history is murky is that multiple people across the country claimed to have invented the hamburger around the same time. We may never know if burgers came from Texas, Connecticut, New York, or elsewhere, but what matters most is that they’ve become a highlight of American food traditions.

When Were Milkshakes Invented?

When lots of people think about the history of milkshakes, their first thought may be imagining a cute couple from the 1950s sharing this sweet drink. Milkshakes boomed in popularity during this time period, but they can be traced back to 1922.

A similar drink existed decades before then and it consisted of milk, chocolate syrup, and malt powder. A Walgreen’s employee named Ivan Coulson created the decadent milkshake we love today by adding a scoop of luxurious ice cream to that mixture.

When Was the First Fast Food Restaurant Invented?

You might be surprised to learn that the first fast food restaurant that was invented in 1922 is still here today. White Castle takes the credit for being a trailblazer in the fast-food industry.

While burgers and shakes used to be a meal that you could only get at a fast-food restaurant, the popularization of these foods allowed for the expansion to fine-dining establishments. Everyone should try a gourmet burger and shake at some point.

Why Are Burgers and Shakes So Good?

There’s a reason why Americans have never been able to get enough burgers and shakes. It’s satisfying to bite into a juicy burger loaded with flavorful toppings. When you follow that mouthful with a sip of a milkshake, you can satisfy your sweet tooth and cleanse your palate before taking another bite.

French fries are another food that’s often paired with burgers and shakes. One of the hottest debates is whether or not dipping fries in milkshakes is delicious or over the top.

Are You Hungry for the Best Burger and Shake?

It makes sense that burgers and shakes have such an interesting history since they’re incredible foods. After learning about the origin of these American staples, you can appreciate them even more every time you order them.

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