What Make a Great Burger: How to Find the Best Burger in Nashville

Best burger in Nashville

With Nashville’s population continuing to grow, the 707,091 people in this growing city want a top-notch burger. Of course, you know that Nashville throws down southern food, but what about burgers? 

Burgers are the staple of American cuisine, but when they’re done wrong, they can be hard, dry, overcooked, and more. If you’re looking for a guide on finding the best burger in Nashville, you’ve come to the right place. Read this guide on finding the best burger in the area that’ll leave your mouth watering, taste buds delighted, and you wanting more! 

Check Reviews

Listen to others regarding the best burger in Mt. Juliet. They’ll be honest about what they like and don’t like.

If you look at the top burger places in the area, some great restaurants will come up. Your best option is to go with an eatery that specializes in burgers. 

Excellent Service

As you read about the best burger in Murfreesboro, see what reviews say about the service. Even if they have the best burgers, they’ll be mediocre if served cold. Ask your friends and family what locations they recommend. 

Perfect Toppings

Boring has no place in a burger eatery. From cheese sticks to sauteed mushrooms, you should have options. 

The Tennessee is a popular option. 

It includes: 

  • Memphis-dusted crispy onions
  • American cheese
  • Jack Daniel’s honey Glaze
  • Smoked Ketchup
  • Maple Basted Benton’s Bacon

For a meaty burger, go with the XXX Burger. 

It includes: 

  • Ranch
  • Lettuce and tomato
  • Three slices of bacon
  • Three slices of cheese
  • Three slices of beef 

Other popular toppings include:

  • Mustard steamed with American cheese
  • Applewood bacon
  • Garlic Aioli
  • And more 

Other Options

Consider everyone in the family for the best burger in Middle TN. This includes house-made veggie burgers, the impossible burger, and salads. 

Bread options are important too. Those who follow the gluten-free diet deserve a delicious bun as well.

You could also go bun free, whether for allergies or a healthier option. Hold the toppings for an even healthier burger. 

Just be sure to tell your server about any food allergies or sensitivities. Pretzel buns, whole wheat, and brioche are popular options. If mom hates burgers, she can get a chicken sandwich. 


Ensure the restaurant follows all health and safety guidelines. They need to check the temperature of each burger for it to be safe to eat. Avoid raw or undercooked burgers whenever possible. 

Choosing the Best Burger in Nashville

After exploring this guide, you should be ready to find the best burger in Nashville. Take your time deciding what delicious toppings, heat levels, and other factors about a burger matter to you. 

Are you ready to sink your teeth into a delicious and juicy burger? There are plenty of customization options, plus save room for dessert!

Order online today or stop into the Burger Republic, where we take pride in high-quality burger options. You can find us in Mt. Juliet, Gulch, Lenox, and more!