For the Discerning Foodie: Delicious Gourmet Burgers and Shakes To Try

burger and shakes

Burgers and shakes are a match made in heaven. You have savory meat, cheese, and dressings paired with the freshness of the greens. Then you wash it down with a thick, decadent milkshake. The combination of sweet and salty erupts in a firework of flavors in your mouth. Ensure you don’t miss out on the latest specialty burger and shakes flavors!

Angus Beef with Italian Sausage

The classic cheeseburger tastes balanced as it is. It’s hard to mess up and easy to elevate, especially with specialty meat. Angus beef comes from cows raised in a lavish lifestyle with exclusive grass diets.

Due to a low-stress, low-activity lifestyle, the meat doesn’t have the chance to develop much tough muscle. The cows have a ton of intramuscular fat, which translates to marbling in the meat. Marbling entails a more tender, flavorsome, and juicy beef.

Our Big Papi Burger has a thick Angus beef patty with a perfect kick of Italian sausage. You have the patty nestled in creamy provolone cheese, onions, and sauteed peppers. A dash of dijonnaise dressing wraps up this specialty gourmet burger.

With a classic elevated burger, try a classic upgraded milkshake. We imbue our classic vanilla milkshake with Madagascar vanilla.

There’s no need to complicate high-end burgers. Treat yourself to life’s simple luxuries.

Turkey BLT

Are you looking for a lighter burger? Try Turkey BLT. It’s chicken’s leaner meat cousin with a richer flavor profile. Sometimes you want a burger with a little less guilt and a little more white meat.

Turkey is the perfect combo, combined with the classic clashing flavors of fresh greens and smoky bacon. For something on the heartier side, check out plant-based options! Going plant-based doesn’t mean you have to give up the taste of burgers.

In the same vein as beloved sandwiches, pair this burger with another of America’s favorites: the PB & J sandwich. But in shake form.

Our peanut butter and jelly shake has the creamy sweetness of peanut butter and the tartness of jelly in one flavor bomb.

Spicy Texas Style

Are you a thrill seeker? See if you can handle this spicy spin on West Texas burgers. You have patties pressed against habanero jack cheese, sliced jalapenos, and doused in spicy west texas barbecue sauce.

Jalapenos fall somewhere in the 2000 to 8000 Scoville Heat Units on the hotness scale. Some peppers, like the Carolina Reaper, are a whopping 1.4 million SCU. Raise your spice tolerance while enjoying a good meal with our spicy barbecue burger.

Burgers and shakes go so well together. Balance that spice with the sweet and succulent flavor of cookie butter. Our cookie butter milkshake is one of our more decadent shakes you have to try.

Get a Taste of the Best Burger and Shakes

Treat your tongue to only the best burger and shakes. We have a carefully curated menu of classics with a twist. Our gourmet burgers and specialty shakes are a showstopper for any food lover.

Order burgers and shakes with us today and take yourself on a foodie adventure.