A Short and Sweet Guide to the Best Milkshakes in Nashville

best milkshakes

Many people do not realize the health benefits of having dessert with your meal. Did you know that medical studies show that eating dessert contributes positively to happiness?

In fact, the carbohydrates in dessert trigger the body to produce serotonin. This is a chemical that is proven to contribute to mental well-being.

Maybe you do not want a traditional dessert like cheesecake or a brownie sundae. Milkshakes are the perfect complement to your meal. You will leave the restaurant full and happy.

Read on for a guide to the best milkshakes in Nashville. Explore how to find the best milkshake in Nashville and other Tennessee locations.

Milkshake Flavor Options

If you are looking for the best milkshake in the Gulch or Murfreesboro, flavor selection is going to play a big part. Standard flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry are a given.

The best shakes take it to another level and incorporate unique flavors. For example, have you ever had a banana split milkshake? A peanut butter and jelly milkshake is another unique option to try.

Spiked Shakes

Sometimes, you need an extra kick when looking for the best milkshake in Mt. Juliet or Nashville. The best milkshake joints add some alcohol to spice it up. Now, you can party with a spiked milkshake in your hand.

There are some incredible alcoholic milkshakes to try. Some feature Rumchata while others use vodka or Jack Daniel’s whiskey.

Order Online

Some milkshake connoisseurs are looking for a quick fix. They do not want to wait in line for a frozen beverage.

Online ordering is the solution for customers in a time crunch. You can order the best milkshake in Murfreesboro and other Tennessee locations on your phone or tablet. When you arrive at the restaurant, your traditional or spiked milkshake is ready to go.

Quality of Ingredients

You do not want to settle for low-quality ingredients when drinking your favorite milkshake. If that is what you are looking for, your local fast-food restaurant also sells milkshakes.

For example, are you settling for store-bought ice cream? Or does your milkshake contain creamy, homemade, and fresh ice cream?


Online reviews are one of the best things about the digital age. Using your mobile device, you can quickly find out whether a restaurant serves good milkshakes. Both Google and social media are sources.

Here, you can read customer reviews and see what people think. If there are too many negative reviews, it is likely a place that you want to avoid. On the other hand, you probably want to check out a spot with an online buzz.

Your Guide to the Best Milkshakes in Nashville

You are now ready to track down the best milkshake in the greater Nashville area. You are going to have a lot of fun on your milkshake quest.  

There are great flavors out there as well as spiked shakes if you need to take the edge off. If you are looking for the best milkshakes in Nashville, check out our locations to give it a try.