A Burger Lover’s Paradise: The Best Burger in Murfreesboro

best burger in Murfreesboro

One bite will transform you forever. 

Imagine layers of juicy certified Angus beef, smoke grilled, accompanied by a Jack Daniels honey glaze, some American cheese dripping off the petty, and smoked ketchup.

All in perfect harmony with Maple-basted Benton’s bacon and Memphis-dusted crispy onions that guarantee a crunch. And as your base? We give you buns toasted to golden perfection.

If that sounds like a treat, then Burger Republic is the place for you. We don’t just make burgers, but we serve an experience. That is what makes our burger the best burger in Murfreesboro.

Wondering what goes into the master craft that makes our burgers? We have a guide for you below.

The History Behind the Best Burger in Murfreesboro

Burger Republic is the brainchild of two corporate gentlemen with a dream to open a burger joint that defends quality. And in 2012, Drew Jackman and Jeff Warne realized their dream.

They opened the first ever Burger Republic, committed to serving the best burgers in the South.

The company’s desire for excellence is the reason for its loyalty to the USA Angus beef. Angus beef is not only celebrated for its great flavors but also for its juicy meat.

Today, Burger Republic serves its premiere burgers in five locations and has 31,197 defenders holding the fort. This award-winning restaurant has also been named among the best burger places in the USA by TripAdvisor.

The Quality Assurance

At Burger Republic, defending quality is a daily mission. We don’t believe in compromise, which is why our beef patty is a mixture of the tender short loin, the juicy brisket, and the flavorful chunk. 

But the commitment doesn’t end with beef.

We also create vegan burgers to accommodate our no-meat burger lovers.

And for variety, we use all-natural chicken and turkey in some of our burgers. These are the perfect pick for those seeking something off the beaten path.

You will find Benton’s bacon in some of our burgers. This Tennessee bacon made our ingredient list because it exemplifies our quality standards. Dry-cured for up to 18 months with salt and sugar, it guarantees crunch and sweetness. 

Our burgers are also packed with aged white cheddar, habanero jack cheese, and Swiss cheese. We also play around with condiments like our garlic aioli and in-house honey mustard.

As far as the bread goes, you can pick from our range of gluten-free buns, pretzel buns, whole wheat bread, or the very French brioche.

The Top Three Must Tries

Once you step into our burger joint, some menu offerings are a must-try. Below are the top three burgers worthy of any burger lover:

The Burger Republic

You cannot go to Burger Republic and not try the ultimate BR Burger. This is layered with Vermont white cheddar, bacon, and some Guinness braised onions.

And for the sauce, we use our very own BR sauce. Complete this experience with our crispy fries.


With the triple X, everything is three times bigger. We mean three times the beef, triple the cheese, and three times the bacon. All of these accompanied by fresh lettuce and tomato, finished off with some good old ranch.

The Big Papi

This burger is the true expression of beef galore. A bite into the patty will reveal a mixture of 100% Angus beef and hot Italian sausage.

The Burger is garnished with aged provolone cheese, sauteed peppers, and onions with dijonnaise. The prime partner to this gastronomy affair is our crunchy yet fluffy tater tots.

Join Us for the Best Burgers

For the best burger in Murfreesboro, Burger Republic is the place to visit. From our Tennessee burger to the XXX, we are the paradise for any burger lover.

Order online and try our quality-assured dishes.