3 Great Ingredient Combos to Try When Your Own Burger

build your own burger

Few things are as iconically American as the hamburger. Although the origins of the hamburger may be debatable, our love for them isn’t: each year Americans eat the equivalent of 156 hamburgers per person. 

Hamburgers are more than a flavorful meal: they are a great way to experiment with different toppings and ingredients, allowing you to build your own burger and create your own tasty masterpiece. 

Looking for some great burger ideas? Try out these 3 ingredient combos when building your own burger.

1. Gouda Cheese and Egg

Younger Gouda cheeses will be mild, soft, and almost sweet, while older, more aged Gouda cheeses will look and feel darker and harder. Taste-wise, older Gouda will taste more nutty and buttery. The mild taste of young Gouda makes it perfect for pairing with sandwiches, or as a topping alongside a fried egg.

If that sounds like something that would interest you, try our Buy The Farm burger. It has a little bit of everything you would find on the farm. Our Buy the Farm burger offers smoked gouda, a fried organic egg, red pepper relish, lettuce, red onion, tomato, and applewood bacon.

You can wash it down with one of our beers on tap

2. Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles

Few flavor combinations are as iconic and popular as cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. The texture of the veggies and the tanginess of the dill pickle all come together to elevate an otherwise ordinary cheese burger. 

We call our take on this the Classic for a reason. American cheese, tomato, lettuce, dill pickles, and red onion make for great burger toppings. Red onions are more than just a colorful, crunchy addition to your burger. The flavor of red onions is mild to slightly spicy – enough to taste the flavor, but not enough to overwhelm your burger. 

3. Hot Italian Sausage and Angus Beef

Angus beef refers to beef that comes from a specific breed of cattle called the Aberdeen Angus. Angus are medium-sized cows known for their high level of marbling, or white flecks of intramuscular fat that occurs in each cut of beef. This marbling keeps the meat moist during cooking, preventing you from getting a dry burger. 

Add hot Italian sausage to an Angus burger, and you have a juicy burger with a nice kick. Plus, who doesn’t want more meat?

The Big Papi is our take on this. We blend 100% Angus beef with hot Italian sausage, infusing the juicy and spicy flavors together. Topping it off is provolone cheese, onions, sauteed peppers, and dijonnaise.

Build Your Own Burger With These Combos

Hopefully, these burger topping combinations will give you some ideas of ingredient combos you can try when you build your next burger. However, if you want the best burger possible (and don’t want to cook) you need the best burger around.

The best burger in Middle TN is easy: it’s the one you order from Burger Republic! We have locations in Lenox Village, Mt. Juliet, Gulch, Murfreesboro, and Chattanooga. 

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