Best Burger Recipes: What’s the Best Medium Well Burger Temp?

medium well burger temp

When it comes to hamburgers, everyone in America has an opinion. Cheese or no cheese? Ketchup, mustard, or both? Lettuce, pickles, or onions?

But America’s preference for burger customization options doesn’t stop there; it also extends to the doneness of a burger. In a recent survey, approximately 40% of respondents preferred a medium done burger over other burger types. 

However, it never hurts to try something new – like a medium well burger temp. Cooking a burger to medium well has a few advantages over other types of doneness.

Why the Internal Temperature of Burger Meat Is Important

First, let’s talk about internal temperatures. Cooking burger meat to the right internal temperature is important to prevent food-borne illnesses. When it comes to rare meat, a rare steak is okay, but a rare burger is not

That’s because of the process of making ground beef. Grinding the meat exposes the surface of the muscle tissue, dispersing potential pathogens throughout the meat – not just the surface. That means an undercooked burger may still contain germs, increasing your risk of food poisoning. 

When cooking at home, you can use a meat thermometer to make sure your beef reaches an internal temperature of 160 degrees

What Is a Medium Well Burger Temp?

There are several ways to prepare hamburgers. In order of cooking time, those levels of doneness are:

  • Rare
  • Medium Rare
  • Medium
  • Medium well
  • Well done

Rare burgers get cooked for only a few minutes (about 4 minutes) to a temperature of 120-125 degrees Fahrenheit. They have a mostly red center and are soft.

Medium rare burgers are cooked for about 5 minutes at 130-135 degrees. They have a slightly red center and are just beginning to become firm.

Medium burgers are cooked for about 7 minutes at 140-145 degrees. They have a light pink center and are somewhat firm, but also a little springy.

Medium well burgers are mostly firm, with a very slight pink center. They are cooked at 150-155 degrees for 7-8 minutes. 

Well done burgers are cooked the longest, at 160 degrees or more for at least 8 minutes. They are very firm and have a completely brown center. 

For most folks, a well done burger or medium well burger is the best. This ensures the burger is thoroughly cooked, but still juicy and flavorful. A medium well burger made of high-quality beef prepared safely in a kitchen may be one of the best burgers you have ever had, having just the right amount of firmness and springiness. 

Try a Medium Well Burger for Yourself

Now that you know what a medium well burger temp is, hopefully, you have been convinced to try one. There are many different ways to cook and customize a burger, and so many of them will result in a delicious meal. 

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