The Best Burger Topper Ranked

burger topper

Burgers are among the most popular foods in the country.

In fact, the average American eats 2.5 burgers per day, which equates to 50 billion burgers per year. There are different types of burgers for every taste, but as the home of the best burger in Nashville, we feel uniquely qualified to tell you what the best burger toppers are.

Today, we’re going to rank the best burger ingredients. If you include any or all of these ingredients on your burger, you’ll have something special to eat, so keep reading and learning what you need to make the best burger.

1. Cheese

You can’t serve a delicious burger without melting some cheese on the patty. There are a number of burger cheeses to choose from and which you choose will depend on the rest of the burger ingredients. 

For example, our Tennessee burger comes with American cheese because it’s a bit milder, letting other ingredients come through. If you fancy a spicier cheese, the habanero jack that comes on the West Texas burger is a great choice.

2. Burger Vegetables

Burgers aren’t always known as a healthy food. When you add vegetables, however, you’re not just getting an extra blast of flavor, you’re getting important nutrients as well.

There are classic burger vegetables, like lettuce, tomato, and onion. You can also take your burger vegetables up a notch by cooking them, like sauteed onions and peppers. If you’re more adventurous, you might even add things like jalapenos and mushrooms to take your burger to new heights.

3. Ketchup

Every burger lover knows how important condiments are, but everyone’s got their own condiment preference. Obviously, ketchup is the one that rules them all, but you’re always going to see mustard, mayonnaise, and relish on standard burgers, too.

At Burger Republic, we like to experiment with condiments to create sophisticated yet delicious burgers. You’ll find our smoked ketchup on the Tennessee burger, our own BR sauce on the Burger Republic burger, and red pepper relish on the Buy The Farm burger.

4. Bacon

There are a couple of ways to get extra protein on your burger. One is to add bacon, which has become one of the more popular burger ingredients in the last 10-15 years. 

You’ll find applewood-smoked bacon on no less than half of the burgers on our menu. If you’re a huge bacon fan, we highly recommend the XXX burger, which has 3 slices of bacon on top of 3 burger patties.

5. Fried Egg

The other way to add protein to your burger isn’t for everyone, but we think it’s delicious. A fried egg isn’t just a breakfast item, as you’ll find out when you try the Buy The Farm burger. 

We only use organic eggs, which are a great source of omega 3’s, protein, and a number of other nutrients. They’re also delicious and make for the perfect burger topper.

Get Your Favorite Burger Topper at Burger Republic

These are the best burger ingredients you’ll find, so which burger topper are you craving?

At Burger Republic, we make the best burgers in Nashville. We only use the finest beef and the highest-quality ingredients to give you the flavor you crave. Come to one of our 5 Nashville-area locations today to try one out for yourself.