The Great Burger Debate: The Cheese vs. Classic Burger

classic burger

Nothing quite beats the savory taste of a classic burger, which is probably why it ranks as the third most popular food in America. When asking people how they like to eat their burgers, you’ll find that not everyone has the same opinion. 

People are either purists who love a classic burger or can’t eat a burger without cheese. We’ll get your taste buds tingling as we look at different ways to build a great burger so you can find one you won’t want to wait to try.

Building a Classic Burger

The key to a classic burger is not to ruin the simple balance of the taste by getting fancy with the ingredients. The best burger toppings without cheese include the following:

  • Bun
  • Beef patty
  • Lettuce
  • Onion
  • Tomatoes
  • Condiments like ketchup and mayonnaise

The magic of a classic burger is letting the flavor of the grilled beef through. You’ll want to choose a high-quality patty if you are eating your burger without cheese. You’ll get to taste the charred beef patty in all its juicy glory.

Best Burger Toppings Without Cheese

If you are looking to build a burger that varies from a traditional recipe, there are endless options to try out. Here are a few burger toppings you may consider adding to your burger to elevate its flavor:


This ingredient adds an extra savory kick to your burger. Make sure to cook your bacon so that it is extra crispy.


Another beloved burger addition is pickles. Load up on dill pickle slices for a satisfying crunch when you bite into your burger.

Barbecue Sauce

A simple addition to your burger is to add barbecue sauce to it. Pair your barbecue sauce with pickles and grilled onions to bring out the smoky flavor.

Elevating to a Cheeseburger

Adding cheese to a classic burger adds a creamy and savory taste to a regular burger. Many people find the added element of melted cheese a must-have for their burgers.

A classic cheese choice to use on cheeseburgers is American cheese. This cheese gives you the melty orange color seen on many traditional burgers.

Cheeseburger Toppings

The traditional cheeseburger takes the classic burger build and simply adds cheese to it. Although this is a popular way to make a cheeseburger, it is not the only way.

Don’t be afraid to mix up the type of cheese that you use. Try cheddar cheese for a twist on the classic flavor. Pair Monterey Jack cheese with jalapenos and bacon for a spicy kick.

There Is No Wrong Way to Eat a Burger

It’s not surprising that both the classic burger and the cheeseburger have passionate supporters. Ultimately, the final choice comes down to personal preference. Purists will always love a classic burger, while those looking for more flavor usually go for a cheeseburger.

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