6 Tips for Making the Best Burger

Best burger

You’ve likely tried burgers from every fast food restaurant in your state. The Whopper, the Big Mac, and the Big Harv are well-known burgers. But none of these is the best burger.

Have you ever wondered what the top burger is? Well, here it is as told by Tripadvisor. If you’re searching for the best burger in Tennesse, we’ve got you covered.

There are so many places you can get a tasty burger… but we have some tips on how to find the right one. Keep reading for 6 tips for making the best burger you’ve ever tasted. 

1. It’s All in the Meat

Choose the most high-quality meat when cooking a burger. Choosing a lean piece of meat with about 80 percent lean and 20 percent fat is a great choice. When you heat fat, it lubricates the muscle fibers, keeping the burger moist. 

Using the pre-grounded beef you see at the grocery store may seem convenient. But it isn’t the best for burger preparation.

It often consists of low-quality portions and doesn’t taste as good. That’s why you want to choose the best meat for your burger patty. 

2. The Patties 

Make your patties the same shape, size, and consistency. If they are different sizes, they won’t cook properly. To keep consistency, try using the lid of a peanut butter jar to help create a circular shape. 

If you like a well-done burger, make thinner patties. Making a thin burger patty conserves the juices inside the meat. 

3. Toasted Buns 

Nothing sounds better with a slow-cooked burger than a freshly toasted bun. There are so many ways to toast the perfect hamburger bun

You can toast your burger buns inside a toast oven, toaster, or barbecue, but make sure they don’t burn. To prevent the bun from getting soggy, place the lettuce and tomato on the bottom before the meat. 

4. The First Time Is the Charm 

Three times isn’t the charm when cooking a burger. A slow-cooked burger takes time to perfect… but how many times do you have to flip it? The answer is simple: once. 

The less your touch the burger patty, the tastier your burger becomes. The more you touch it with your spatula, the more likely it’ll fall apart or burn. 

5. Ketchup or Mustard? Both

Don’t go crazy with the condiments… keep it simple. Ketchup and mustard are the way to go when making a tasty burger. If you want something different try mayonnaise. 

6. Eat Your Burger Upside Down

And the last tip of creating the best burger is… eating it upside down. If you thought there was no right way to eat a burger… you thought wrong. Place your fingers on the bottom bun and your thumbs on the top bun.

Some people think it feels more natural to eat their burgers this way. And, if you put the heavier ingredients onto the bottom, it’s more flavorful. Using this method helps keep the ingredients at the bottom.

The Best Burger Around

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