What Makes a Great Burger? Is Less More When It Comes to a Burger?

great burger

Are you looking for the secrets to a great burger? Is it the sauces, toppings, quality of meat, or the skill of the chef?

The way to the perfect burger is full of preference but also knowledge. All the key elements behind a good burger have in common is knowing when less is more.

If you want a glimpse at the art of the burger, then read on. After this guide, you too will know the secrets behind making a delicious burger.

The Type of Meat

First things first, you have to decide your meat. You could go traditional with a simple ground beef mix, but deciding your own mix opens up a world of flavor.

When deciding what goes into your burger, you can go with almost anything. This can range from rib-eye, short rib, dry-aged, bison, a mix of pork and beef, chuck, round, or even brisket. The sky is the limit.

Remember that for a great burger, less is more. Stick to straightforward ratios of one to three types and avoid contrasting flavors.

Meat to Fat Ratio

We know steak has marbling, well burgers benefit from fat too. The best burgers are juicy ones, and this comes from the right meat to fat ratio. Too much fat and the burger is a soggy and greasy mess, but too little, and it’s dry and dense as cardboard.

Of all burger qualities, this is most likely to affect your burger’s overall punch and taste profile.

How You Cook it

The way you cook the burger matters. Cooking over a flame vs. a pan or flattop offers different advantages, but you should also be aware of the pitfalls. For the best burger experience, nothing beats a pan sear or flattop.

Fire and charcoal can give your burger a wonderful smokiness, but this is hard to control and easy to overdo. You’re also likely to lose more juice to the flames. A nice sear helps trap meat juices.

It’s easier to do this evenly without flames licking and charring your patty. Never press your burger as not to let the meat juices out.

The Bun

The bun to meat ratio is also key. You want something that holds the burger together but isn’t chewy. You should be able to give it a slight toast to provide some rigidity without crumbling or losing its ability to soak up a bit of the flavor.

Match the bun to the burger experience. Don’t go for a bun that crunches like a cracker if you want a soft and juicy bite.

The Accompaniments

This is where less is more. Go for fresh lettuce, fresh tomatoes, onions, and your meltable cheese of choice. That’s it.

Any sauce should be light and compliment the burger and its clean ingredients. A simple chipotle mayo never fails, and neither does a simple dijon relish or a light aioli. The holy trinity of ketchup, mustard, and mayo works well too.

Listen, the point is not to go overboard. If your burger is good, you don’t need to hide it behind a mountain of sauce or caramelized toppings.

A Great Burger Is a Simple One

It turns out the key to a tasty burger is knowing when less is more. You need to keep your ingredients clean, simple, and complimentary. When it comes to meat, you need the right balance of fat and a good mix of types.

The cooking method and presentation also matter as it affects the entire experience. When it comes to mouth-watering options, you can trust Burger Republic to know and make a great burger. Check us out today, and you’ll see what a real burger tastes like.