How Do You Choose the Perfect Cheese for Burgers?

cheese for burgers

This is gouda brie an important day for you. Seriously, nothing gets cheddar than this. Today you learn how to choose the perfect cheese for burgers.

The key to the best burger and cheese pairing is matching complementary flavors from the cheese and the meat. And you also have to consider the texture and melting point of the cheese. Getting feta up with waiting? Let’s get to the list.

Classic Cheddar

Cheddar cheese is a popular burger cheese because it melts well and adds just the right amount of salt and ooey-gooey goodness to your burger. You can play around with the variety of cheddar cheese too. Sharp cheddar is going to be more flavorful than mild cheddar but less intense than extra-sharp cheddar. You can also try aged cheddar for a richer cheese flavor.

Cheddar cheese pairs well with an all-beef burger or something more exotic like a bison burger. For additional toppings consider freshly sliced tomatoes, onions, and pickles. 

American Cheese

American cheese melts beautifully on a burger. American cheese is usually processed but shares a similar flavor profile to colby jack or mild cheddar. How do you decide on cheddar vs American cheese for burgers? American is a little smoother and saltier than cheddar cheese. 

If you’re making burgers at home, don’t be afraid to use the plastic singles – they’re delicious! And even if a restaurant uses pre-packaged American cheese slices, give it a try before you judge it.


Swiss cheese is distinct from other burger cheeses. Swiss can taste bitter compared to cheddar or American but it’s great for a bacon burger or any burger with a spicy element like jalapenos. Its mild flavor makes it a great cheese to pair with bold toppings – try it for yourself!

Pepper Jack

Pepper jack cheese melts like cheddar cheese but has a much bigger, spicy flavor. You might see pepper jack on a Mexican-style burger featuring ingredients like guacamole because of the heat level it adds. If you like spice, put pepper jack on the burger.

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is a less common burger cheese but one of the most flavorful. You have to be very careful with blue cheese on a burger because it can overpower other ingredients. You can pair blue cheese with bacon, mushrooms, and onion. You can also add a sweet element like jam to offset the funky taste of blue cheese.

Gouda or Gruyere

Both gouda and gruyere are good melting cheeses. Gruyere is a savory cheese that goes well with sweet toppings like caramelized onions or candied bacon. Gouda, especially smoked gouda, is a great way to dial up that smokey, barbeque flavor. 

The Ultimate Cheese for Burgers

There it is – the quick guide on cheese for burgers. The next step is to try each one and see what you like best! Remember that different cheeses melt differently and pair better with certain meat and toppings than others. Be creative and have fun trying out new options.

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