The Best Way to Cook Lean Ground Beef Burgers

lean ground beef burgers

Lean beef is an excellent source of many necessary vitamins and nutrients. It also has far less saturated fat that can affect cardiovascular health.

If you love a good burger but want to be able to eat healthy, eating lean ground beef burgers may be a great option. However, those burgers must be cooked to perfection.

So what’s the best way to cook a lean ground beef burger? Read on for the answer.

What Are Lean Ground Beef Burgers?

Ground beef, in general, is a combination of lean meat and fat. The lean-to-fat ratio in the beef recipe classifies the differences in beef.

For a burger to qualify as lean meat, it must be made from ground beef that is 90% lean or more. This means there can be no more than 10% fat in the meat.

However, no one wants a fat-free beef burger, as it makes the burger dry and chewy. A better option is to go with Angus beef, which is 80% lean and 20% fat. You’ll still get a good portion of lean meat without the burger being overly saturated in fat.

Best Way to Cook a Burger

While Angus beef makes for the best burger, you can still make a juicy homemade beef patty with lean meat. There are just a few tips you’ll have to follow.

First, keep the burgers cold until you’re ready to cook them. This will help them stay together and hold on to the juices.

When cooking burgers, you want to ensure that each patty is made with the same size and consistency. Otherwise, they will all cook unevenly.

Size and consistency are essential in determining how you want your burgers cooked. You’ll want to make thinner patties if you prefer a well-done burger, as thinner burgers better conserve the meat’s juices.

You also want to make a slow-cooked burger that is evenly cooked on both sides. You should not flip a burger more than once. The more you touch it, the more prone it will be to falling apart.

When cooking the burgers, do not press on them. This will drain out the juices you want to hold onto, making the burgers drier.

And whatever you do, do not overcook these burgers. Once your burgers have been cooked on both sides and are at 160 degrees, get them off the grill.

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