The Best Sides and Complimentary Dishes for Burgers

burger sides

The first semblance of a hamburger first came into existence in the 1st century AD in Rome. Ever since then, people have been coming up with all sorts of different ways to enjoy hamburgers. In particular, burger sides play a big part. 

You’ll never be able to experience the best burger without having great sides to complement it. But what kinds of sides go well with a burger and will bring out the burger’s natural flavors? Keep reading and learn more about the art of choosing great burger side dishes.

Baked Beans

Baked beans are a classic choice to go along with hamburgers, regardless of what kind of hamburger you plan to eat. Baked beans are naturally very savory and they complement the similarly savory flavors in hamburgers perfectly. Besides that, they also come in different varieties. 

For example, if you’re in the mood for BBQ sides, you can always choose BBQ baked beans. On the other hand, if you want something a bit sweeter to counteract the rich flavors of your burger, you can always choose baked beans that have been cooked with brown sugar. 

The moisture of the baked beans also helps to counteract the drier texture of the hamburger buns. All in all, baked beans and hamburgers are a match made in heaven. 


In some cases, you might start to get tired of too many savory flavors competing for your taste buds. In that case, a salad may be the perfect side to break up your meal. There are many different salads that go well with hamburgers. 

For example, you could choose an Italian salad drizzled with olive oil and vinegar. The crunch of the lettuce, shredded carrots, and other ingredients will break up the softer and richer flavors of your burger. You can also try more niche types of salad such as pasta salad or quinoa salad.

Whatever the case, the point of pairing a salad with a hamburger is to have something light to break up the heavy flavors and textures of your hamburger. That way, you will have some flavor variety when enjoying your meal and you won’t get bored of too many savory flavors mingling in your mouth all at once.

Onion Rings

Like baked beans, onion rings are another classic choice to pair with hamburgers. Many people think of pairing hamburgers with fries, and while this pairing does go effortlessly well together, onion rings can really bring a bit of extra zing to the table. Onion rings are famous for being crunchy and for having a bit of a kick from the soft onions inside. 

The fried batter of the onion rings may have some spices mixed in to give the side even more of a kick. And, of course, for even more flavor, you can always have a special sauce come with the onion rings. 

What You Need to Know About Burger Sides

There are many burger sides to choose from but some may be better than others. For example, baked beans and hamburgers always go together no matter what burger you’re eating. Salads also are very versatile along with onion rings. 

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