Best Burger in Murfreesboro: Is Turkey Healthier Than Beef

best burger in Murfreesboro

For various reasons, the turkey burger has long gotten a bad rap. Opponents suggest they’re dry or don’t have the same flavor as beef. 

Meanwhile, many fans of the turkey burger tout its health benefits. But is the turkey burger actually more healthy than a beef burger?

If you’re going for the best burger in Murfreesboro, should it be beef or turkey? Of course, many who answer will base their personal opinion on it. 

But if you look at the actual burger, is turkey a healthier choice? Read on to learn more. 

Nutritionally, Almost the Same As Beef

Defining what makes the best burger can be a challenge and often comes down to what you like on your burger or how it’s prepared. 

But many who tout the turkey burger claim it’s a healthier option than a beef burger. You might be surprised to learn that beef and turkey are nutritionally similar. 

When comparing the two, it’s essential to compare meats with similar fat content. Let’s compare three ounces of ground turkey with three ounces of ground beef. Both are 93% lean meat.

Turkey has 181 calories, while beef has 178 calories. Beef offers a slightly higher protein benefit than turkey, with 25 grams of protein than turkey’s 23 grams. 

Beef contains more iron, zinc, and vitamin B12 than turkey. These contribute to healthy blood, the nervous system, and immune health. 

Both contain relatively low sodium levels, although often turkey, because it tends to be dryer, gets seasoned with a heavier hand.

It’s important to note that people rarely buy a beef burger that’s 97% lean. Buying beef with a higher fat content can change the nutritional comparison significantly.

Check the Fat

The fat content is an important factor in comparing ground turkey and beef burgers. Turkey contains a different kind of fat that’s a more healthy option than beef. 

Ground beef contains more saturated fat. At the same time, ground turkey has polyunsaturated fat compared to the saturated fat in beef. This makes it a heart healthier option.

Ground Turkey is Great for Complex Seasonings and Flavors

One of the beef with ground turkey is that some believe it can be dry or lacking in flavor. If you eat ground turkey expecting it to taste like ground beef, you will likely be disappointed. 

Yet, ground turkey is the perfect base for complex seasonings to enhance the flavor and create a fantastic-tasting burger. 

Consider adding seasonings like:

  • Chili powder
  • Cumin
  • Garlic
  • Sriracha hot sauce
  • Worcestershire Sauce

These flavorful seasonings are a perfect complement to a turkey burger. Be sure to top your burger with fresh slices of avocado and tomato to enhance the spiciness of the burger.

Turkey or Not, Find the Best Burger in Murfreesboro

The best burger in Murfreesboro, whether it’s turkey or beef, might come down to personal preference. 

Avoid the best burger near me, search, and come on into the Burger Republic. Let us make you a beef and turkey burger, and you can decide which is best.